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You can now read the first chapter of many Leapfrog books in PDF. See each book's Web page.










New and Featured Titles


Going Anywhere

"David Armstrong is a writer we've been waiting for, and Going Anywhere is a milestone collection."

--Douglas Unger


"Gems of langage in English and in translation echoing across the globe." --Joseph Heithas, athor of Poison Sonnets


"A survival story, but one with a strong heart." --ForeWord

"A thought-provoking and moving coming-of-age story." --Publishers Weekly

"More psychological depth than Robinson Crusoe." --Frank McCourt

Lone Wolves

“A beautiful and moving story of courage and love.” —Ray Bradbury

“Powerful, eloquent and fascinating, showcasing a vanishing way of life in rich detail.” —Kirkus

“Smelcer’s work has a touch of the classical, combining good old-fashioned adventure and survival themes with heart-tugging moments of clarity and poignancy that recall Jean Craighead George’s Julie of the Wolves." —Booklist

Wonder Chamber

"Malloy demonstrates a real flair for weaving an engrossing historical puzzle into her mystery plot. Carefully assembling her story, she gently reels us in. [The] third series entry is perfect for readers craving an elaborate scheme." --Libraray Journal, starred review

Being Dead

“In prose that is unadorned yet fiercely affective, White conveys a true and solemn poignancy." --ForeWord Reviews

"Jacob White can write!"-- Padgett Powell

All Sins Forgiven by Charles Coe

"An immensely satisfying collection.” —Andre Dubus III

A clear-eyed and insightful portrait of one man’s parents, by turns
tender, humorous, and hard-edged, deeply personal yet universal


"Each of these stories contributes to…an understanding of a community and the men and women trying to make their way within it. Learst writes of them with both clarity and compassion."



"Both very funny and disturbingly sad, this latest work weaves an ever more relaxed surface over an ever more acute set of questions.”

– Michael Springate, novelist, playwright, screenwriter


"This unpretentious book is the work of a master." --Edith Pearlman, author of Binocular Vision; Nation Book Award finalist; winner, 2011 National Book Critics Circle Award

"Rosen is a yarn spinner in the best sense of the word." --Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly Pick of the Week


"Louis’ music still vibrantly lives around the world and his spirit of humaneness lives in Travels with Louis." --Nat Hentoff

The Louis Armstrong I knew is in this novel. Reading TRAVELS WITH LOUIS is like visiting with my friend again.” —Jack Bradley

An ABC Best Books for Children pick (American Bookseller's Association)


"Graziano… writes with intelligence, mischief, pace, and economy… to bat around the big questions. “What is love? What is art?” he asks playfully, though not frivolously…. fun and provocative."

--Publishers Weekly

Married to Her

"A hilariously brazen memoir.... Ira Wood lets his delirious inner Portnoy off its leash, no holds barred, and what a romp!" --John Nichols, author of The Milagro Beanfield War

“A slim yet raucous romp through a novelist's life.” --Kirkus


"Honestly strange and strangely honest… Remarkably compelling and powerful. Weaver's authenticity of characters, situations, and by-gone eras emanates from sheer originality of style. This amazing novel is a stellar achievement--gritty, funny, fresh, and bold. It will make your eyes bug out and your pulse race.  And how it shines, shines with humanity!” --Sena Jeter Naslund, author of Ahab's Wife

and yet

“Surreal miniaturist Helen Phillips’s debut collection is full of gems.” —Vanity Fair

“Brashly experimental." --Elle

“Helen Phillips uses the simplest objects to create suspense, the merest whisper of plot to make her readers care about these tiny planets.” Los Angeles Times

“Sprightly, sanguine writing infuses these 13 tales of faulty love and fizzled connections with a compelling energy and likability. Connor catches the zeitgeist fearlessly and with verve.”
—Publishers Weekly


"How do art and politics intersect?...Something to Say provides unprecedented access into pre-eminent minds working at the cutting edge in their careers and becomes something else entirely: a peek into future humanity." --Spectrum Culture

"This book is part of the fight of our time." --David Shapiro




“The effects of modernization and the battle between man and nature are the heavy themes Lovett tackles in this powerful first novel set in modern-day China…. A moving, compelling read about people fighting against both government and nature, which prove equally insurmountable and capricious.”
Booklist starred review

Jem's father turns himself into a 9-foot orangutan, then leads Jem on the ultimate adventure: to find the last resting place of Leonardo da Vinci.

"A delightful book that readers will be unable to put down." -School Library Journal



“A brave neuroscientist rushes in where angels fear to tread. A challenging yet accessible, charming and thoroughly enjoyable book – it provokes thoughts in a way that reminds one of the reasons for books to exist.” —Robert Sapolsky, author of Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers


“A rugged and tender tale. Bawdy humor, snappy dialogue, colorful sea myths and rich lobstering details add to the immense appeal of this textured narrative about a lobsterman’s inward and outward struggles.”

--Publishers Weekly

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News from Leapfrog Press

The 2015 Leapfrog Fiction Contest winners have been chosen. See our Contest page for details. The first-prize winner will be announced shortly.

CROSSBORDER Vol. 3 no. 2 will be out in September. See the contents and excerpts from the stories of Vol. 3 no. 1 and of previous issues, and subscribe, here.

Poet Charles Coe, author of All Sins Forgiven, has been selected by the Associates of the Boston Public Library as one of the "Literary Lights of 2014."  This is an honor awarded each year to six outstanding writers from the northeast.

Author Mick Carlon has been named recipient of The Massachusetts Teachers Association Human & Civil Rights Award. Mick is the author of Riding on Duke's Train and Travels with Louis.

2013 Fiction Contest Winne

The first-prize winner is David Armstrong for his story collection Going Anywhere, which will be published by Leapfrog Press in November 2014. A complete list of winners and information on authors and manuscripts can be found on the Contest page.


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