The Dangerous Age
by Annette Williams Jaffee

The author of two exuberantly praised novels, Annette Williams Jaffee returns with a wise and sensual tale about persuing the one great passion of our lives, not in our youth, but at that last dangerous moment when everything we own and everyone we love is at risk. The Millers are the envy of all who know them, a 'successful' couple on the verge of the best years of their lives. Suzanne's first book is enjoying national attention while Barry can write his own ticket to teach at any law school in the country. But a spate of recent deaths and the absence of her children, away at college, force Suzanne to confront the fact that her marriage is cold and empty.

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When Suzanne meets Robert Parrish, a silver-haired banker from East Texas with a talent for real friendship with a woman and an appetite for sensual pleasure—suppressed for years in his own straight-laced marriage—she must decide between the secure life she chose after the shameful ending of her first, youthful love affair or the disdain of her children, the loss of friends and the financial uncertainty awaiting a woman who uproots her life in pursuit of the true intimacy she has long denied herself. With rare insight, keen social satire and some of the most touchingly rendered erotic scenes in recent memory, The Dangerous Age is above all a story about seizing ecstasy in our lives…regardless of age, in spite of the consequences.

Optioned to Become A Major Motion Picture

"Set aside a block of uninterrupted time to read Jaffee's new novel... Her writing makes the reader feel everything, with the result being that this is a book that refuses to be put down. A touching and absorbing story that lingers long after the final page has been read; highly recommended."
Library Journal (Starred review)

"The pages turn themselves."
— Los Angeles Times Book Review

"How glorious to give oneself up to a great late-in-life passion."
New York Times Book Review

"Do you want to know what it's like, life in its glory, the one last affair? Forget the best-seller list. Read this."
— James Salter

"Carnal love lights up this delicious novel as brilliantly as a halogen lamp. Jaffee entraps the reader in exquisitely detailed sexual and gustatory pleasures; at the same time she explores, and explodes, the notion of civilized mid-life divorce."
— Maxine Kumin

About the Author:
Annette Williams Jaffee is the author of Adult Education (Ontario Review) and Recent History (Putnam). She lives on the Delaware River in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

$19.95 Hardcover
ISBN 0-964578-4-2
179 Pages 5 x 7 3/4

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