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The Wandering Heart
a novel by Mary Malloy

"Malloy illuminates the fact that history is not only replete with answers, but with questions as well...This novel itself feels like a seafaring voyage--full of swift turns, unknown frontiers and the desire to answer the big questions we all ask ourselves."

--Publishers Weekly

A Novel by Michael Mirolla

The Berlin Wall falls. A mental patient escapes in Canada. A surreal adventure follows, a freakish experiment on transcendental philosophy. We descend into the seamy underlife of West Berlin: the omnipresent wall, transvestite bars, sadomasochism, philosophical intelligentsia, adultery, and murder.

Cretaceous Dawn
A novel by L.M. and M.S.A. Graziano

"Cretaceous Dawn is a first-class adventure story, an effortless read as engaging as vintage Jules Verne." --Natural History

"The Grazianos, sibling scientists, combine speculation and science in a compulsively page-turning time-travel adventure...Details about plants, animals and insects in the distant past set the stage for a tight, scientifically plausible plot with a wholly unexpected twist that will keep readers guessing."

--Publishers Weekly

Losing Kei cover

Losing Kei
A Novel by Suzanne Kamata

An American expatriate artist living in Japan goes to desperate lengths to be reunited with her young son.

Billy and the Birdfrogs
A novel by B.B. Wurge

"...a book that survives by the sheer weight of its own insane internal logic...There's definately an element of Dahl's fondness for weirdness in this pup. For those funny-book junkies out there, Billy fulfills a need. Downright weird, and that's a-okay with me. It's worth a gander."

--School Library Journal

The Love Song of Monkey
A Novel by Michael S. A. Graziano

"Imaginative, intelligent narrative. Twin ideas of forgiveness and mercy twist through this strange, moving, patiently wrought novel, making for a trippy but charming read."

--Publishers Weekly

Confessions of a Memory Eater
A Novel by Pagan Kennedy

“In her absorbing and timely novel Confessions of a Memory Eater, Pagan Kennedy explores love, addiction, and memory in the pharmaceutical age… In fewer than 200 pages, Confessions packs an allegorical wallop.”

Entertainment Weekly
Secret Anniversaries of the Heart
Twenty-Five Years of Award-Winning Stories by Lev Raphael

"Concerned ultimately with the struggle for love both human and divine, these are searing stories."

--Kirkus Reviews
Bolt Risk
A Novel by Ann Wood

Bar Fly meets Girl, Interrupted in this First Novel about an Ex-Prep School Girl Turned Stripper Whose Appetites and Attitude Land Her in the Nuthouse

"As bracing as a shot of rotgut whiskey, the brutal, unflinching prose is a tonic for the chick-lit weary."

The Washington Post

Waiting for Elvis
Stories by Toni Graham

Winner of the 2006 John Gardner
Award for Fiction

“Graham creates a character at once sexy and sad … the linked tales seamlessly capture Jane’s progression from widowed lover to wise woman of the world.”

-- Publishers Weekly

A Novel by Maureen McCoy

"Junebug takes us on a wild ride!"

--O, The Oprah Magazine
German_Money.JPG (57206 bytes) The German Money
A Novel by Lev Raphael

"One of the most powerful suspense novels in years...a kind of Kafka meets Philip Roth meets Le Carre."

--The Washington Post
Just the Way You Want Me
A Novel by Nora Eisenberg

"An achingly realistic portrait of 1950s America that strongly echoes today's political climate."

--Library Journal (starred)
The Devil and Daniel Silverman
A Novel by Theodore Roszak

The Wicked San Francisco Chronicle Bestseller about an Outraged Liberal Trapped in a Fundamentalist Bible College

"Hilarious!" --The Los Angeles Times
paradise-dance-final-small.gif (16623 bytes) Paradise Dance
Stories by Michael Lee

"New England's best kept literary secret"
--Library Journal (starred)

"What a good read!"
--Norman Mailer

The War at Home
A Memoir~Novel by Nora Eisenberg

A Washington Post Book Rave of 2002

"So poignant that it's hard to put down."
--Kirkus Reviews

A Novel by Arne Tangherlini

"A fantastical coming of age story about a brainy, racially mixed teenage girl jacked into a cyber wonderland...leo is a trip!"

--USA Today

Shadows and Elephants
A Novel by Edward Hower

A Novel About the Adventures of the Notorious Mystic, Madame Blavatsky

"A stunning book, vivid, dramatic and full of warmth."

 —Edmund White
The Dangerous Age
A Novel by Annette Williams Jaffee

With rare insight and some of the most touchingly rendered erotic scenes in recent memory, a novel about seizing ecstasy in our lives--regardless of age, in spite of the consequences.

--The New York Times Book Review

Adult Education
A Novel by Annette Williams Jaffee

A rediscovered gem about women's friendship and the shared longings of young wives and mothers.

"A  wonderful novel; funny and heartbreaking, cruelly satiric and tender."

— Joyce Carol Oates

Look At Me
A Novel by Lauren Porosoff Mitchell

"High intensity sex scenes staged with Madonna-esque attitude."

Publishers Weekly

The Kitchen Man
A Novel by Ira Wood

"A heartwarming and hilarious novel about love and loyalty outside the conventional categories of age, gender and body proportions." 

Kirkus Reviews (starred)