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German_Money.JPG (57206 bytes)

The German Money
A Novel by Lev Raphael

A Booksense 76 Pick

"One of the most powerful suspense novels in years, a kind of Kafka meets Philip Roth meets le Carre."
--The Washington Post

Just_the_Way_You_Want_Me.GIF (39216 bytes)

Just the Way You Want Me
A Novel by Nora Eisenberg

"An achingly realistic portrait of 1950s America that strongly echoes today's political clinate."
--Library Journal (starred)


DEVILandDanny.GIF (28390 bytes)

The Devil and Daniel Silverman
A Novel by Theodore Roszak

The Wicked San Francisco Chronicle Bestseller about an Outraged Liberal Trapped in a Fundamentalist Bible College

"Hilarious!" --The Los Angeles Times
paradise_dance_final.GIF (33277 bytes) Paradise Dance
Stories by Michael Lee

"New England's best kept literary secret"
--Library Journal (starred)

"What a good read!"
--Norman Mailer

WAR.GIF (26286 bytes) The War at Home
A Memoir~Novel by Nora Eisenberg

A Washington Post Book Rave of 2002

"So poignant that it's hard to put down."
--Kirkus Reviews

Shadows_1.GIF (44451 bytes) Shadows and Elephants
A Novel by Edward Hower

A Novel About the Adventures of the Notorious Mystic, Madame Blavatsky

"A stunning book, vivid, dramatic and full of warmth."
 —Edmund White
LeoCover.GIF (35736 bytes) leo@fergusrules.com
A Novel by Arne Tangherlini

"A fantastical coming of age story about a brainy, racially mixed teenage girl jacked into a cyber wonderland...leo is a trip!"
--USA Today


DangerousAge.GIF (103622 bytes) The Dangerous Age
A Novel by Annette Williams Jaffee

With rare insight and some of the most touchingly rendered erotic scenes in recent memory, a novel about seizing ecstasy in our lives--regardless of age, in spite of the consequences.

--The New York Times Book Review

Ad_Ed_pic.JPG (39315 bytes) Adult Education
A Novel by Annette Williams Jaffee

A rediscovered gem about women's friendship and the shared longings of young wives and mothers.

"A  wonderful novel; funny and heartbreaking, cruelly satiric and tender."
— Joyce Carol Oates

LookatMe.GIF (22304 bytes) Look At Me
A Novel by Lauren Porosoff Mitchell

"High intensity sex scenes staged with Madonna-esque attitude."
Publishers Weekly


Ktchcvr3.jpg (41941 bytes) The Kitchen Man
A Novel by Ira Wood

"A heartwarming and hilarious novel about love and loyalty outside the conventional categories of age, gender and body proportions." 
Kirkus Reviews (starred)




SoWrite.gif (131886 bytes) So You Want To Write
by Marge Piercy & Ira Wood

The Complete Workshop of Fiction and Memoir Craft for Writers Who Want To Publish Their Work

"Best Book of the Year for Writers" —The Writer Magazine
rookiecop_cover__sales_kit_cover.GIF (31977 bytes) Rookie Cop
by Richard Rosenthal
As Featured on NPR's Fresh Air
"A strange true tale of a Jewish NYPD cadet recruited into the department's elite intelligence unit to spy on the Jewish Defense League, offering vivid portraits of a politically incendiary era and revealing secrets of intrusive police tactics."

Kirkus Reviews




LOUDER.JPG (40878 bytes) Louder
We Can't Hear You (Yet!)

The Political Poems of Marge Piercy

Audio Compact Disk (1 hour, 3 min.)

"Rough, direct, hairy, political, tremendously energetic, visionary, vulnerable and real."
-Margaret Atwood, New York Times Book Review
Mignights_in_the_Guest_Room.GIF (26688 bytes)  
Midnight in the Guest Room
Poems by Jan Bailey

"Jan Bailey's poems are a pleasure in their honesty and openness, in the art of their language, in the breadth of their vision."
--Pattiann Rogers

newgrrrl.JPG (50644 bytes) Early Grrrl
The Selected Early Poems of Marge Piercy

"Indispensable works from one of America's most important poets."  
The Philadelphia Inquirer

Here.GIF (30287 bytes) ...Here...
New and Selected Poems by Everett Hoagland

"Marvelous. There is in his language the ring of the Beats, Black Mountain music, consciousness streaming, and rhyming in rapper style...a speech that reveals a vast compassion for all the powerless."
—The American Book Review

newMasks.JPG (30640 bytes) Masks 
Poems by  Ruthann Robson

 A  Best Poetry Book
of the Year Selection

-Library Journal

"Ardent, passionate, and exquisitely queer."
Lambda Book Report

newPicnic.GIF (37423 bytes) Picnic on the Moon
Poems by Charles Coe

"Charles Coe is a poet's poet, a kind of jazzy, postmodern Ben Johnson: bold plain diction; soulful improvised swirls in a matrix of straight-ahead narrative; understated, but shimmering with wit, compassion, integrity of purpose."
The Boston Phoenix
Red_Thread.GIF (53848 bytes) The Red Thread
Poems by Elizabeth Gordon McKim

Poems Weaving Through the Erotic Heart of a Spirited Poet-Woman on the Cusp of Middle Age

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