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Submission Guidelines for Authors

Ironically, small independent presses can be just as difficult to place your work with as the larger presses, simply because our lists are limited and our investment in each title so significant a part of our budget.

We are currently accepting submissions of book-length fiction, thoughtful, well-written memoirs and narrative non-fiction.

Please note, we are no longer accepting submissions of unsolicited poetry or multiple submissions in any genre. (Unsolicited manuscripts are poetry manuscripts we do not specifically ask an author to send. Multiple submissions are manuscripts that are on submission to other publishers at the same time we are being asked to consider them.) Nor do we generally publish short story collections, cook books, children's books, inspirational books, or religious books.

Please send a query letter briefly describing the project and telling us where you've been published before. Long synopses and marketing plans are unnecessary and will be discarded. Send no more than the first forty pages of your manuscript.  You can address your submission to Amy Gallo, Acquisitions Editor. Due to the overwhelming number of submissions we receive we are no longer able to write back at all unless you enclose a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope (S.A.S.E.) for a response.  You will not receive an e-mail response. If you would like your forty pages returned, please enclose a postage paid envelope large enough for us to mail it in. Otherwise we have no choice but to recycle the paper.

E-mail queries may be posted to leapfrog@c4.net. Please write SUBMISSION in the subject line of the message. Due to the volume of e-mail queries we receive, it is simply not possible to reply to every one. Only if we feel your manuscript might be of interest to us,  will we ask you to send hard copy. If not, you will not get a response. Please, DO NOT  ATTACH  YOUR  MANUSCRIPT. Due to the danger of computer viruses NO ATTACHMENTS WILL  BE READ BUT ALL WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY  DELETED.

All prose should be typed and double-spaced. (This really does matter to  our manuscript readers.) Your name and the title should be on every page of the manuscript.  We will attempt to respond as quickly as possible but it can take from three to six months. Once again, we do not accept multiple submissions.

And again (you wouldn't believe how many people simply ignore this), if you would like a response to your submission, you must include a S.A.S.E. If your submission does not include a S.A.S.E., we will not mail or e-mail you a response. If you would like us to return your work, please remember to include the proper postage and mailing materials. (Please do not just stuff a few dollars into the envelope; yes, people do this.) Please do not drop a manuscript at our door when you are on a Cape Cod vacation--yes, people do this, too.) Submissions that are not accepted, and that arrive without a S.A.S.E., will not be kept on file. Did we say, please do NOT expect an e-mail response?

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