Upcoming Titles from Leapfrog Press

The Ghost Trap
A Novel by K. Stephens

The haunting story of a young lobsterman struggling with responsibilities that are beyond his years, The Ghost Trap is a piercingly accurate depiction of life in a small Maine community.

"Stephens has a wonderful clear eye for people." --Bill Roorbach, author of Temple Stream and Big Bend

A salty, tangy read...Stephens plunges you into the back-breaking, heart-breaking life of one lobsterman. --Richard Grant, author of Another Green World

September 2009

The Divine Farce
A Novel by Michael S. A. Graziano

One of the strangest, most surreal rants on the human experience, on love and hatred and humans' transcendent ability to find good in any situation. Grim and uplifting, horrifying and funny, deeply thought provoking.

November 2009

by B.B. Wurge

When her soul becomes lodged in a stuffed-toy monkey, 9-year-old Lobelia embarks on an outrageous series of New York and Paris adventures, helped by an odd but kindly scientist. Wurge's comic genius brings us another in the LeapKids series that began with Billy and the Birdfrogs.

October 2009



Saving Santa's Seals
by T.M. Murphy

When 8-year-old Ryder asks Santa to help his Uncle Ted overcome writer's block and create another amazing story, he cannot know that they'll both be getting the best present ever--a wild adventure. But is it real, or just a wonderful Christmas dream?

"A fresh addition to the Christmas title list. Murphy is in tune with his 8-year-old self, able to capture the excitement, adventure, and feelings of childhood and the magic of Christmas. His tale of twists and turns, actions and dilemmas, is told as if he'd lived it...Perhaps he did!" --Martha Zschock, author of Journey Around Cape Cod

October 2009

La bell'America
by Anthony M. Graziano

A picture of Europe's 19th century and the massive immigration of Italians to America...the author writes of wars and conflicts, of popes and kings fighting the people's demands for democratic government and throwing the world into bloody conflicts that virtually destroyed Europe. Caught up were the poverty stricken, powerless common people who became the immigrants, pushed from Europe and pulled to America. Their history is made alive through the author's account of his family--their immigration to America from Italy, their survival through poverty, prejudice, and the Great Depression, to their ultimate success and intense loyalty to their adopted land, La bell'America.

"A sweeping narrative of European and American history, and lovingly crafted reminiscence." --Joan M. Crouse, PhD, author of The Homeless Transients in the Great Depression

December 2009


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