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A Novel by B. B. Wurge

From Wurge's comic genius comes the outrageous adventures of Squiggle, a stuffed monkey...

Once there was a little girl named Lobelia Squagg. At the time of this story she was nine years old, and she was a horrible little girl. I am sorry I have to tell you that, because when she was older she got much nicer. I wish I could start this story when she was ten years old. Then I could tell you about what a wonderful person she was, and how nice she was to everybody, and how everybody loved her. But the adventures that I am about to describe to you happened to Lobelia when she was nine years old, and happened, in a sense, because she was such a pest.

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This is the 'true" story of 9-year-old Lobelia Squagg, whose soul becomes lodged in the body of a stuffed-toy monkey. With the help of an odd but kindly scientist and his son, and a lesser spotted pickfloo named Mr. Fondeau LeFuzz, Squiggle the monkey embarks on a series of New York and Paris adventures, culminating in a climb up the Eiffel tower, as she tries to become a girl again.

Also by B.B. Wurge:

"Squiggle is a lively, entertaining story with many twists and turns that don't always end up where you think they will. The unpredictable nature of the story mixed with a wacky sense of humor is off-beat enough to make it enticing or kids, yet gives an overall sense of comfort at the end, which the author ties up nicely."

--Martha Zschock, author of Journey Around Cape Cod

"Outrageously imaginative, totally original, and charmingly simple. Squiggle is somewhat silly and nonsensical with made-up words and products; the story itself is reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, while the wild adventures of Squiggle make me think of Alice in Wonderland....The story is entirely fictional and fanciful, fantasy and majic, totally unrealistic and impossible and, as such, a delightful tale that children will love. A funny, quirky story, and I think parents will also be amused, so this is a great read-aloud story."

--Tina L. Scott, "The Dabbling Mum"

CATEGORY: Fiction, Middle Grade
PAGES: 153
TRIM: 5.25 x 7.75
ISBN: 978-0-9815148-9-5
PRICE: $9.95 / Paperback Original
Pub Date: October 2009


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