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Picnic on the Moon

Poems by Charles Coe

Known for his powerful readings and unusually warm and compassionate voice, Charles Coe writes poems that speak to the heart and mind as well as the ear.Combining subjects as diverse as Afro-American history, myth, jazz, and family as well as surprising observations of those unexpected moments of joy to be found in a work-a-day inner city life, Coe offers us poems as personal as the tale of a sister who opened his life to literature and closed her own with dope; as quietly momentous as the story of Rosa Parks. Here are poems for Ella Fitzgerald and Charlie Mingus alongside a haunting homage to the 'guests' of a battered women's shelter. Above all, Coe's poems touch upon what is essential in us all and speak of life as a gift that is far from perfect but all we have.

"Deep, wise and beautiful ... Charles Coe gives poetry readers many fine examples of an old, worthy craft. A volume for the permanent shelf!"

- Small Press Review

"Charles Coe's poems move and touch people. His voice is direct, honest, never forced or false in its note of intelligent humane awareness. His subjects are ones that involve the audience and attract the reader, things we want to read about and to which he brings his unique conversational but powerful voice. We hear and believe."

 - Marge Piercy

"Coe is a poet's poet, a kind of jazzy, postmodern Ben Johnson: bold plain diction; soulful improvised swirls in a matrix of straight-ahead narrative; understated, but shimmering with wit, compassion, integrity of purpose... There's no "filler," nothing grasping or careerist in these pages, just the patient voice of a genuine poet working out his life in verse, a poet who "stirs/a pot of words/and changes lead to gold."

- The Boston Phoenix

About the Author:
Charles Coe is the winner of the Massachusetts Cultural Council Poetry Fellowship. A jazz and popular vocalist, he was born in Indianapolis, lives in the Boston area and travels widely to perform and record his work.

$12.95 / Paperback Original
ISBN: 0-9654578-2-6
80 Pages / 5.5 x 8.5 

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